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Most rings can be resized and generally are ready to ship within 1 to 2 weeks. In most cases resizing is complimentary however some rings will require adding metal to increase the size and in these cases will add a reasonable fee to cover the material cost. There are some limitations to the amount a ring can be resized without damaging a stone or the integrity of the design. Please contact me before purchase and I can help make sure you have a perfect fit. 

It is helpful to know your ring size to be sure your new ring fits perfectly. Most jewelry stores are happy to size your finger or I can send you a sizing kit. Be aware however that there are small variations in every size gauge and rings fit differently depending on band width and stone weight. If you have any questions please contact me and I am happy to advise you. Occasionally small adjustments will have to be made to get the perfect fit. This is part of the process and I will work with you to get the right fit as quickly as possible.



Jewelry should be treated as art for the body and can last a lifetime with proper care. It is good to remember that only diamonds and sapphires are hard enough to withstand daily wear (and the reason that I recommend them highly for wedding and engagement rings). But they are still natural materials and can also abrade or crack depending on the natural internal structures of the stone and how they are worn. If you want to keep metal and stones happy for a long time it is always a good idea to avoid things which are most likely to harm the materials. This includes avoiding chemical like cleaning products, pools and hot tubs, or abrasives like soil, sand, and rock. And to protect your fingers as much as your jewelry, always take off rings before lifting weights or working with machinery.

Most jewelry can be cleaned gently with soap and warm water or with a polishing cloth. Avoid water and abrasives on oxidized silver. Avoid getting water behind close-backed stones. Stone settings may loosen over time and should be checked yearly. All jewelry should be stored properly, in its own box, and not twisted or rubbing against other jewelry.


Each piece is designed and finely-crafted by hand and I stand by the quality of my work. If something happens to your jewelry during normal wear and is the result of a flaw in workmanship, I will gladly repair it. If your jewelry has been damaged accidentally it can usually be repaired for a reasonable fee.